Sankey v1.1.1

Published by Soliant Consulting on March 30, 2020
Updated on May 18, 2020
Tags: Charting
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Created By: Matt Petrowski
Version: 1.1.1

Windows Tested: Yes
Offline Compatible: Yes


Updated! Added support for runtime configurable colors and label positions.

There are so many times I hear lamentations from stalwart "FileMaker only" developers who declare that you should do everything within FileMaker and FileMaker alone. This is just crazy. It's like saying you should build an entire house with only a hammer and nails. How could you ever do that efficiently? What about the plumbing? The electrical? Well, you can't. You always have to increase what you know and become familiar with other tools and newer technologies.

In this video, I showcase a very compelling use of Javascript within a web viewer. It's because native FileMaker simply can't generate a Sankey flow diagram. FileMaker doesn't do curves, it does data. However, FileMaker can make it happen with the use of Javascript and a web viewer. The best part yet is that it's already been done for us. All you have to do is become familiar with how to modify and integrate with your own data.

That's exactly what this video does. It will teach you how to understand the implementation of this particular Javascript and give you the confidence to integrate other examples as well. If presenting your data with a very compelling visualization is something which you'd like to do, then you'll find the knowledge you need within this video.

Sankey diagrams are a type of flow diagram in which the width of the arrows is proportional to the flow rate.


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