Quick Start


Ensure you are using FileMaker Pro Advanced 17+

Open FileMaker Pro Advanced > Preferences > Plugins

Ensure that Allow Solutions to Install Files is enabled.


Download the latest version of Carafe Kitchen

Open Carafe Kitchen.fmp12

Follow the prompts in Deploy > Standard to add a Bundle to your solution.


Create a new empty Web Viewer with object name web in your solution.

(You may choose to customize the object name later.)

Run the script you deployed.

That’s it!

Read the comments in the deployed script for details on customizing the sample data sources.

Tip: If you plan to trigger FileMaker scripts from the Bundle, open File > Manage > Security… and ensure the fmurlscript Extended Privilege is enabled.

Visit the Carafe.FM Forum on FMForums.com.
Visit carafe.readthedocs.io for comprehensive documentation.

Anatomy of Carafe


A Carafe Bundle contains all the code, settings, and information needed to share, configure, and deploy a specific JavaScript interface element in a FileMaker Web Viewer. A detailed technical Bundle definition is included the full documentation.


A community sharing website for Bundles.


Home page of the Carafe.FM website
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A FileMaker Pro file for deploying Bundles in FileMaker Pro 16+ solutions.


Picture of the Carafe Deployment Tool
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An online code editor integrated with Carafe Kitchen.fmp12 for fast, easy setup and configuration of Bundles.

You may choose to create a new Bundle by duplicating the Starter Template and configuring it in CodeSandbox. If you prefer a different code editor or IDE, and are comfortable with the CLI, you can use Carafe Bundle Creator instead.


Picture of the Carafe Sandbox
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An NPM initializer for working with Bundles in any professional code editing environment that supports Node.js.

  • With a standard `npm init` command it creates a new Bundle project for you from scratch.
  • Extract an existing Bundle into source files with `npm run extract path/to/existing/bundle.json`.
  • As you develop the Bundle, hot-load a live preview in any browser with `npm run dev`.
  • Finally compile the source into a shareable and deployable Bundle with `npm run build`.


Picture of the Carafe Bundle Creator
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An NPM package used under the hood in all the tools above. It validates Bundles. It transforms Bundles between source files and sharable bundled files. It renders Bundles for previewing and troubleshooting outside the context of FileMaker.


An opt-in JavaScript package that turbo-charges any Bundle project. It provides a Bundle developer with useful features such as a head loader, FM WebViewer Bridge, and a ready function that ensures all dependencies are loaded before your Bundle runs.