Carafe Add-on

Carafe Add-on for FileMaker Pro 19 allows you to dynamically install unlimited Carafe bundles in your solution for sophisticated Javascript-based functionality.

Minimum Requirements:
FileMaker Pro 19


Carafe Add-on v0.4.0 (public preview .zip) 13.13 MB 2858 downloads

This is a public preview. All features are subject to change prior to official release....

Carafe Kitchen

Carafe Kitchen is for configuring and deploying Carafe Bundles. Use it with FileMaker Pro Advanced 17+ to deploy bundles as self-contained scripts.

Minimum Requirement:
FileMaker Pro Advanced 17


Carafe Kitchen v3.1.3 32.25 MB 2857 downloads

Updated Bundles: GoogleMaps 3.0.5 adds click event support in WebDirect 19+ Bug...

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