What is Carafe?

Carafe is an open platform for working with JavaScript in FileMaker. It allows you to browse, deploy, create, and/or share JavaScript components in FileMaker.

Ever since the advent of the Web Viewer, JavaScript has been a native language in FileMaker. In the early days, intrepid pioneers in the FileMaker developer community worked out techniques for bi-directional signaling between the Web Viewer and the script engine, allowing full interactivity between JavaScript running in a Web Viewer and the rest of the FileMaker platform.

The Old Way

Traditionally there have been two ways to take advantage of JavaScript in the Web Viewer.

Cowboy - Solo Adventurer


Go it alone. Learn a complicated, brittle process, with poor tool support, and graft JavaScript into FileMaker through sheer tenacity.

Hand-carved feats of persistence are not portable or maintainable; they require a specialized artisanal craft, which is not quite FileMaker nor JavaScript.

Coin Flip - Consumer Approach


Buy it. If you can find it, use a commercial solution that meets your needs, and implement it according to the proprietary process.

Commercial solutions are walled gardens, and can leave you without recourse if you need functionality that the product developer didn’t anticipate or doesn’t want to support.

Enter Carafe

Carafe is community.

Carafe is JavaScript without compromise.

Carafe is integrated version control.

Carafe is a standard for sharing.

Carafe is free and open source.

Carafe is easy.

Carafe is professional tooling.

Get Started


Browse the ever-growing library of open source, royalty-free bundles. Find out what exciting solutions the community has already contributed.


Carafe is integrated with a convenient and powerful code editor for configuring bundles. Carafe bundles are also compatible with WidgetStudio.


You can download and use our free, open source FileMaker Pro deployment utility. Carafe bundles are also interoperable with WidgetStudio.


Carafe professional tooling allows any professional JavaScript developer to create or customize a bundle without specialized FileMaker knowledge.