JS Graphing Calculator v1.0.0

Published by Widget Studio on April 13, 2019
Updated on April 10, 2020
Tags: Analysis,Charting,Data Presentation
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Created By: C. Lind
Version: 1.0.0

Windows Tested: Yes
Offline Compatible: No

This widget give you graphing calculator functionality in your FileMaker app.

This widget makes use of two JavaScript libraries: Dygraphs and Math.js. Dygraphs handles the plotting and math.js evaluates the plain text function expressions. See the reference link to the math.js syntax for function expressions. Functions will be plotted by solving for x.
This is a graphing calculator style function plotter. Functions are entered as an array of plain text expressions.


Name Description Type
equationThis is an array of the functions to plot. Each function should be written using the single variable x.jsonArray


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