GoogleMaps 2.1.0

Published by Jesse LaVere on April 13, 2019
Updated on April 13, 2019
Tags: Map
Download Send To Carafe
Download Send To Carafe
Created By: Soliant Consulting

Windows Tested: Yes
Offline Compatible: No


This demo requires a valid Google Maps API key

Tip: During development and testing, you can register a project for testing purposes in the Google Cloud Platform Console and use a generic, unrestricted API key. When you are ready to move your app or website into production, register a separate project for production, create a browser-restricted API key, and add the key to your Carafe meta data.

This GoogleMaps bundle includes the Marker Cluster extension in the default MetaData. You can use additional extensions by adding them to the metaData.cdns.js array in the data JSON

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