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Created By: C. Lind
Version: 1.0.0

Windows Tested: Yes
Offline Compatible: No

Getting the Data
This widget is set up to graph CSV data, which is fairly easy to generate with a FileMaker script (beware of null values, though).

The first row of the CSV is the labels, the first column being the x-axis data. The new line separator is \n

This widget will graph error bars, or min/avg/max by separating this column of data with semicolons like this:

or with real values:

Note that the new line character (\n) is instead of a carriage return.

Date Format
Since this library will parse the CSV data, dates should not be surrounded by quotes. Valid date formats are YYYY-MM-DD and YYYY/MM/DD. The dates can also be followed by a space and a time.
This widget will graph CSV data. It includes a range selector/slider to drill down into the data. The axes smoothly resize as you zoom in/out. This is accomplished with the Dygraphs javascript library.


Name Description Type
dataOk, so that looks like a lot of gibberish. This is simply CSV data with the new line indicator \n First row is the labels. Data columns are in this format: Min;Avg;Max Dates can be either YYYYMMDD or YYYY/MM/DD text


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