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Published by Soliant Consulting on November 25, 2020
Updated on March 3, 2021
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Created By: Jeremiah Small
Version: 3.0.2

Windows Tested: Yes
Offline Compatible: Yes


DataTables is a highly flexible tool, build upon the
foundations of progressive enhancement, that adds dozens of advanced features to any HTML table.

DataTables itself is very configurable. To get you started, we've setup this bundle with limited options, but if your needs outgrow this starter bundle, you can fork it and customize it to do anything that DataTables can do.

In addition to the tableColumns and tableData arrays that you need to build, the bundle takes the following five parameters. If you want to enable the running of a FileMaker script when a row is clicked, fill in fileName and scriptName. If you leave scriptName blank, this feature will be disabled. This version includes opt-in support for the FileMaker 19.1+ PerformScriptWithOption() JavaScript feature. To opt in, disable useFmpUrl and set the script option behavior to one of the documented values (0-5). See the FileMaker 19.1 Features reference for more details. The other three Boolean properties turn DataTables feature on and off. Experiment with those to suit your needs.

"fileName": "Carafe Kitchen",
"scriptName": "Test",
"useFmpUrl": true,
"fileMakerScriptOption": "0"
"showSearching": false,
"showPaging": false,
"showInfo": false

To build up your column headings and your data, take a careful look at the provided sample data. You will probably want to modify the provided tableColumns array to match your own needs. There is usually no need to make that dynamic. The tableData array, on the other hand, will obviously be where the main FileMaker programming comes in. Be sure to take a look at the JSON functions in the FileMaker Help.

DataTables is a popular library for displaying data in html tables. This version adds opt-in support for click handling in FileMaker Server 19 WebDirect. You must deploy with Carafe Kitchen 3.1.3+ or Carafe Add-on 0.3.0+ for WebDirect script handler to function.


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opti_admin · January 15, 2021 at 5:23 pm

CARAFE Bundle Data Tables ERROR

Error table id=table – Requested unknown parameter ‘extension’ for row 0, column 3. For more information, please see

I have got the simple DataTable Demo up and running – but only get the first 3 columns to display.

My set up uses a separate live FM table to create the data and translate it into JSON, and insert the data via variable into the $tableData. The formats of the data statements are identical – including the order – and the method works for the first three columns – but not the last 3

At first I thought that as the demo is built on Inserting static text as JSONStrings, that there was a problem with my numeric 4th and 6th columns… …but when I passed them in as JSONStrings, I got exactly the same error.

Any suggestions anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.



Message from referenced site:

Each cell in DataTables requests data, and when DataTables tries to obtain data for a cell and is unable to do so, it will trigger a warning, telling you that data is not available where it was expected to be. The warning message is:
DataTables warning: table id={id} – Requested unknown parameter ‘{parameter}’ for row {row-index}, column{column-index}`
{id} is replaced with the DOM id of the table that has triggered the error
{parameter} is the name of the data parameter DataTables is requesting
{row-index} is the DataTables internal row index (row().index()) for the row that has triggered the error.
{column-index} is the column data index (column().index()) for the column that has triggered the error. The column index information was added in DataTables 1.10.10.
So to break it down, DataTables has requested data for a given row, of the {parameter} provided and there is no data there, or it is null or undefined (DataTables doesn’t know, by default how to display these parameters – see below if your data does contain these values).

    Jeremiah Small · January 15, 2021 at 6:11 pm

    Hi opti_admin,

    We’re encouraging people to head over to the Carafe FMForums, rather than here in the comments, for two reasons. First, because the formatting options for code snips and the like are much nicer over there, and second, because you’re going to get a lot more community eyes on your question there.

    There’s a fairly prominent link to it on the page, and here’s a direct link for your convenience:

    See you over there!


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